No Senior Left Behind is a private, independent nurse contractor home-based business, headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. No Senior Left Behind was created and founded in May 2015 by Taneshia Harrison, a current healthcare provider working as a local nurse for 10+ years in Ontario, Canada under “good standing” with the College of Nurses (CNO) since February 2009, after graduating from Centennial College in December 2008.

FB_IMG_1493760095402Taneshia Harrison, Founder and CEO of No Senior Left Behind, has been a senior staff of one of the leading owner, operator and investors in the senior living sector for 5+ years when she decided to start her own small business.

After working in the long-term care and community sector for over 5+ years, Taneshia grew tired of witnessing seniors and caregivers falling through the cracks in the healthcare system first hand, and wanted to do something about it.

Taneshia realized that nurses and other healthcare providers did not have time to do the amount of teaching that seniors, family members and caregivers needed. Nurse-patient ratios are overwhelming in any hospital and long-term care setting with little resources and high turnover rates.  Often times nurses are left to work short staffed, yet expected and required to provide high-leveled quality care as if staffing were at adequate levels.

blood-pressure-2310824__340Knowing this Taneshia wanted to do important, satisfying work, being able to make a difference and impact patient and caregiver lives. Trying to avoid caregiver burnout herself but not wanting to leave the profession she loved so much, Taneshia searched for a career that would allow her to attain both personal and professional fulfillment, thus No Senior Left Behind was born.


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